Preston Hemp Co
Good Friends
Making Great Products

The Preston Hemp Co story is just as great as the products that have come as a result. Read below to find out how a passionate farmer bootstrapped his way to success and rallied his friends along with him.

it all comes full circle
How It Began

3 years ago, Reed Preston, founder of Preston Hemp Co, had the opportunity to help manage one of the first commercial hemp facilities in Oregon. Through that experience, he not only learned the ins and outs of the trade, but made use of his loving personality to grow his connections of major stakeholders in the industry, including growers, processors, and distributors. After working to perfect his craft, Reed called upon these players to help him grow his potential. Through this network, Reed grew his small hemp field to a business that attracted buyers from around the country. Reed then continued to draw upon the success of bringing those close to him together to grow with one another.

A week before Reed's birthday, at the dawn of harvest season, his hometown friend built him a website to promote his CBD flower. From there, Reed rallied those close to him to combine their various skills into a scalable business that could effectively serve its purpose - to Make America Green Again.

Together, this group of friends has managed to set Preston Hemp Co on course for a global stage, with their trademark MAGA apparel and infectious humor. As always, it's one step at a time. For now, Preston Hemp Co serves retail CBD products online and in person, as well as wholesale partnerships to various third party retailers. Additionally, the company promotes pop up events to promote their products along with trusted partners.

Preston Hemp Co is more than a CBD retailer, it's living proof that with enough talented friends anything is possible, even moving out of the trailer you were living in months before to support a company and grow an industry.