"We trust PHC because they truly care about the products they grow and sell. They're an absolute pleasure to work with - so much more than resellers."

We believe that putting a smile on your face starts with keeping one on ours throughout the whole process. All of our products are the culmination of friends and family contributing their respective skills. We put the extra effort into carefully processing our products so that you can be confident in them.

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Reed Preston

Farmer, founder, and friend - Reed is the heart of Preston Hemp Co. Coming from a background in farming and herbalism, Reed is responsible for the quality products that make PHC such a great company.

Willy Wheeler

Former founder of a NYC app development agency, Willy specializes in growing successful companies. His background in managing digital products helps to effectively get more products to more people.

Creative Director
Kristina Collantes

The embodiment of creativity, Kristina is the fuel that keeps the dream alive here at PHC. She captures audiences and is responsible for turning premium hemp products into memorable experiences.


Our partners are helping us Make America Green Again. Interested in joining our community of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers?

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We can't grow the industry by ourselves, nor do we want to. Our goal is to expose as many people as possible to the benefits of hemp. To accomplish that goal, we're actively looking for trusted partners to work with.

Our partners currently include other boutique farms, complementary product suppliers, transportation operators, retail locations, and more.

Together we can help each other succeed in turning the world on to the power of hemp. If you're an interested partner, let's chat about working together to make this happen.